Victoria Cervone Angelini

Victoria is a professional woodworker and printmaker currently living in Westchester, NY. Originally from New Jersey, she went to Clemson University and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking in 2013. Victoria began dabbling in woodworking after she and her husband bought a house, and they had to refinish and furnish it. After she built her first table, she was hooked. She now specializes in patterned wall hanging, shelving units, tables, and much more…

“My process is a playful juxtaposition between organic and robotic. My motions in creating are very precise and repetitive with the use of geometric shapes and measurements. But on the other hand, the placement of each is fluid and natural as I give each piece the opportunity of being new patterns and paths.”

“As I begin each piece I always have ideas, but I consciously let go of all expectations. It’s just me, the canvas, materials, and my tools. I believe my process will inform me of what my piece wants to be. And it always does”

“My greatest compulsion is to create, so making art has become a part of me… a part I cannot live without. Art is what sustains me. The focus that comes when I am creating and working with me hands is unparalleled and my purest form of contentment. And the satisfaction I feel when I’ve brought a piece to fruition. Nirvana. Art is truly my bliss.”

xo Tori